General Contractor Tips for Spring

castro valley general contractor Spring has sprung, and that means homeowners face the promise of renewal… as well as the challenge of cleaning out old equipment, old files, and old “junk” to make way for new adventures. If you don’t already have a process in place to check and clean your HVAC, air-conditioning, heating units, etc., talk to a general contractor with B.A. Morrison today for a free estimate and powerful insights into your maintenance strategy.

Typically, “inspection experts” advise homeowners to divide up their spring cleaning initiatives into “exterior” and “interior” projects. First, go outside and do a thorough walk around, looking at your roof, siding, walkways, shrubbery, outdoor lighting, windows, foundations, and other structures. Bring a notepad and jot down any obvious damage you see, such as missing tiles, cracked windows, an uprooted plant, a hornet’s nest in your garden, etc. Before you start taking action, get a general scope of the work ahead.

Next, proceed inside and follow the same process with respect to your windows, floors, walls, upholstery, carpets, air-conditioning system, ductwork, heating unit, furnace, etc. Create a very comprehensive list. Keep in mind its okay to be too thorough. Your home is a very large investment that requires upkeep to stay at tip-top value.

Once you have the scope of your work written down, prioritize and schedule. For instance, you might designate the weekend after next to “tackle” the outside jobs. Alternatively — and this might save you both time and money — talk to a general contractor about your list.

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A good contractor can help you tackle your current problems and also develop maintenance systems and processes for you, so your next spring cleanings will be easier/simpler. Call our team now at (510) 538-9817 for a free estimate, or fill out our contact form here on our website.

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