Inspecting and Maintaining Bay Area HVAC & Air Conditioning Systems


During the flurry of spring cleaning, don’t forget to give some attention to your HVAC system. A little upkeep now can save you from big headaches and expensive repair bills later.

Change your filters

The filters protect your air conditioning system from dirt and grime that can clog the components. Filters not only protect your home from airborne dirt and allergens, but they also keep your unit from freezing up and improve its efficiency. They should be changed monthly, but if you haven’t done this chore recently, spring offers a great time to prepare for the hot summer months. Also, be sure to use filters that specifically fit your system. If you are particularly susceptible to allergens filters are available that remove a greater amount of particulate matter from the air, while if allergies are not as much of an issue for you you can choose lighter weight filters which provide slight improvements in efficiency.

Inspect your indoor and outdoor units

Keep the unit and surrounding area free of bushes, vines, and other vegetation that can disrupt airflow. Use a leaf blower to remove debris from the screens, and check to make sure that the drainage hole or pipe is clear. Clearing your drain is particularly important for indoor units which can overflow condensation trays and lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and expensive flooring and drywall repairs.

Get a professional system check

Your air conditioning system turns on and off several times a day throughout the summer. Like getting your car tuned up, it is smart to have a trusted professional check your system for potential problems. You can improve the efficiency and life of your system with this level of preventative maintenance. Extended service life is a great but not the only benefit to preventative maintenance plans. Preventing a system failure that could result in summertime suffering between when you discover your system is not working and when your repairs are completed is another excellent reason to opt for relatively low-cost, easy, maintenance versus an expensive and inconvenient emergency repair.

Professional HVAC Inspections Will Help You Avoid Stress and Discomfort this Summer

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