Smart Home Automation Features You’ll Use and Love from HVAC Monitoring to Remote Security Control


Before you hire a building contractor to install the latest smart home technologies, find out which features you will actually use.


By far, the most critical smart home tech has to do with enhancing safety. You want to protect yourself, your family, your property and your peace of mind. Here’s some of the most exciting safety tech on the market now:

  • Remote access to the alarm system. The process sends alerts to homeowners if a breach occurs and also allows you to remotely change your status if needed.
  • Remote lighting means never entering a dark home. Owners can also turn lights on and off while traveling for work or vacation, giving the appearance that the home is occupied.
  • Keyless door locks use cell phones as the key, limiting access and potential break-ins.

Energy Savings

  • With current technologies, it is estimated that smart home features can save owners up to $145 per year in energy costs.
  • Remote HVAC controls allow people to adjust the temperature in their homes to meet changing schedules.
  • Water heater sensors can anticipate peak times for hot water usage and be set to the lowest temperatures when the house is empty.
  • Appliances can shift to “stand-by mode” when unused for specific periods of times.


A general contractor can place sensors in systems and air ducts that will alert homeowners if energy efficiency drops. These sensors can also warn of possible malfunctions and allow for off-site diagnosis of problems.

Smart Tech is Cool, But Smart Renovations Make a Big Difference at Home in the Bay Area

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