Whether you’re renovating a condominium, building a new home from scratch, or simply modernizing a cramped, outmoded bathroom, here are four crucial elements to meet and exceed your needs for comfort, cleanliness, relaxation, and environmental efficiency.

1. Jacuzzi tub

Is a Jacuzzi tub an extravagant, unnecessary expense? That’s the stereotype.  But it’s a decidedly undeserved one! Indeed, Jacuzzi tubs offer manifold therapeutic benefits which can positively impact your life.  Imagine every night being able to soak in a tub and let the day’s worries literally melt, fizzle and bubble away. If you suffer from chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia orchronic trigger points in your muscles, daily hot water treatment can make a world of difference. Then there is the romantic aspect.  Finally, using a comfortable bath, you can potentially save money on your monthly water bill, since baths tend to use up less water than showers do.

2. Pedestal sink


Do you absolutely, positively need a pedestal sink to enjoy the bathroom experience? No.  But the way you care for yourself can have profound effects not only on your happiness but also on how you conduct business, relate with other people, and structure your “self talk.” When you install a pedestal sink, every time you use the bathroom to wash up or get dressed or even brush your teeth – normally mundane activities – you will been reinforcing a powerful idea that you area person who deserves the best that life has to offer. For the small investment required to install a nicer sink, you may get years, if not decades, of this kind of nice positive reinforcement.

3. Vanity area


Like it or not, people judge books — and other people — by their covers. With your very own vanity area, you can meticulously apply makeup, scout for blemishes, and ensure that you arelooking your best – before blind dates, before business meetings, and even before get-togethers with judgmental family members! If your skin is predisposed to moles and other blemishes, an efficient vanity area can also be helpful in terms of alerting you to potentially dangerous blemishes – problems you might otherwise overlook.

4. Water efficient toilet

There are two strong motivations to install a water efficient toilet: one is selfish, the other is decidedly not. On one hand, you can save significantly on your water bills, particularly if you install multiple water efficient toilets in your home or condominium. Even if you only save $5 to $10 a month on your water bill, your investment will soon pay for itself — and then some. The other reason is environmental. A water-efficient toilet preserves a crucial natural resource.

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