So many people in the Bay Area these days are choosing to reface and renovate their current cabinets rather than buying anew.   See if they may a good way to go for you also:

Why are more East Bay Homeowners choosing to reface than replace their kitchen cabinets?


Whether you’re “souping up” your Bay Area kitchen, in advance of an attempt to sell your home or condo; or you’re just trying to beautify your eating/dining space, you face a dilemma. Typical kitchen remodeling projects consume tremendous time and energy. They also wind up creating a big mess and requiring the use of lots of harsh, fume-intensive chemicals. Sometimes, replacing your cabinets is necessary. And some types of remodeling propositions simply can’t be accomplished with a face-lift or other “cosmetic” procedure.

But “refacing” might be perfect if:

• You want to switch up your kitchen style significantly
• You have old cabinets that have gotten really worn down
• Your cabinets are made of laminate or “non-wood” materials
• You and your family are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals
• You can’t be without the use of your kitchen for more than a week

The Basic Process

When you connect with an experienced home Bay Area remodeling team, like the professionals at B.A. Morrison here in the Bay Area, the whole cabinet refacing process can take as little as three days.

One of our specialists will check out your kitchen and help you develop a strategy based on your budget, preferences, kitchen needs, et cetera. The B.A. Morrison team will then remove the doors and other key components and reface them using appropriately sensitive materials.

B.A. Morrison has an impeccable reputation, and we can finish your project on spec, on budget, and on time, since we use accurate and battle tested project management systems.

Kitchen Refacing Can:

Save you money (no need to pay for new cabinets)
Protect the environment (no need to toss all that good wood)
Protect the air quality in your home (no sawdust, no harsh refinishing chemicals).

Make the environmentally smart, cost effective, simple decision: get in touch with the B.A. Morrison experts now to reface your kitchen cabinets using best practices.

Experience Matters

B.A. Morrison’s construction department is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service. Our team of craftsmen have helped us build a solid reputation in Castro Valley, as well as the surrounding San Francisco, East Bay Area.

We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of quality construction services that include:

• Room Additions
• Custom Homes
• Kitchen and Bath Remodels
• Decks
• Complete Interior/Exterior Remodeling
• Design Assistance
• Restoration

No matter what your remodeling needs are, B.A. Morrrison is the local company you can trust. See photos of our work here

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