Is Your Home Ready For The Holidays?

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The holidays can be a great time to enjoy your home, especially if you’re hosting friends and family. Follow these tips to make your home its best, brightest, and most comfortable for the holidays. You might consider tidying your guest areas. It also might be time to hire an East Bay HVAC company to make sure your home is cozy when it’s cold outside, especially as the season get’s busy.

Tip 1: Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Whether it’s by storing leftovers, reheating food, or cooking it in the first place, your kitchen appliances are bound to get a lot of work over the holidays. Before guests arrive, give your oven, microwave, and fridge a heavy cleaning. This will make the appliances easier and more pleasant to use when the time comes to start cooking and storing food. 

Tip 2: Tidy Up Guest Rooms

Make your guests feel more at home by putting some time into tidying up the room(s) they’ll be staying in. Change the sheets on any guest beds if it has been a while, and also make sure the guest bathroom is stocked with toiletries and towels.

Tip 3: Clean Your Floors

Floors can get dirty throughout the year, but they are perhaps most vulnerable in the winter time when people track in muddy snow, salt, and other grime. Take some time to clean your floors before guests arrive. No matter what your floors are made of–whether it be vinyl, hardwood, carpet, or something else–an internet search can provide instructions on how to clean it.

Tip 4: De-Clutter the Main Spaces

De-cluttering heavily used areas like the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms of your home can make them much more inviting. If your guests are brining babies or small children, you can also use this opportunity to start childproofing your home by removing choking-hazard items from reach.

Tip 5: Tune Up Your HVAC System

The ideal holiday home is a cozy one, so make sure your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is running smoothly. If you’ve been meaning to have it worked on for a while, there is no better time than before guests arrive. Even if it seems to be working well, period checkups from an East Bay heating service can ensure it remains in working order.

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