Get Off My Lawn: Home Features That Waste Water

property maintenance for saving water and energy Commercial property maintenance requires more than the usual domestic tune ups. Today, owners expect property managers to take a proactive stance and find ways to conserve energy and water. Consider these ways to conserve water and improve your commercial property:

  • Think outside the box. Landscaping can be a major waste of water, but did you know conserving energy in general will conserve water? Most forms of energy production require water, so try installing better insulation or energy efficient windows, maintaining your HVAC system, and turning off the lights or using light timers. Implement these forms of conservation to save both water and energy.
  • Install energy efficient appliances. From tankless water heaters to low-flow toilets and faucets, most appliances are energy rated today for efficiency. The next time you need to replace something, look for an Energy Star rating.
  • Look for leaks. Inspect pipes, faucets, toilets, and the air conditioning system for leaks. Even small drips can waste gallons of water per day and/or damage drywall, flooring, and other interior or exterior aspects of your property. More than one leak in your building could lead to significant waste and increase your company’s water bill.

The next time you start looking for ways to proactively address your property’s water conservation efforts, examine the whole picture. Unplug electronics, get your energy hungry HVAC system routinely inspected, and invest in energy saving equipment to make the most out of your maintenance program.

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