How to Keep Winter Heating Costs Down

Whether you need an HVAC “makeover,” or you’re simply trying to get your heating costs down to make your budget slightly leaner, you might be missing a great, simple tactic to help you save: Install a programmable thermostat.

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Studies show that homeowners who use preprogrammed thermostats track and manage their heating needs automatically. They intuitively — and without much effort — reduce usage and save money. Many types of programmable thermostats are available, including:

  • “Seven day” units, which program different temperature/humidity settings for different days of the week.
  • “511” units, which allow you to schedule one heating/cooling plan during the weekdays and different plans during the weekend days;
  • “One week” units, which let you pick heating and cooling plans to put into play for the week.

It may take trial and error to zero in on “best practices” with respect to your programmable thermostat. You’re trying to optimize two axes at once, which can be challenging:

1. Ensure that your environment is comfortable;
2. Maximize energy usage and savings.

Variables that could impact this process might include:

  • Your wake-up time;
  • The amount of time you sleep;
  • Your ideal temperature range.

Consider keeping a journal during the first few weeks after you install your programmable thermostat. Note any times you feel particularly cold, hot, or otherwise uncomfortable.

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