Home Improvement Tasks You Should Never Do Yourself

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The general contractors at B.A. Morrison has years of experience dealing with complex, dangerous types of work. We’ve trained hard and done many practical, real world projects to acquire our safety knowledge. Unfortunately, Do It Yourselfers (DIYers) who don’t have the same training or skills can get seriously hurt (or hurt others), when they do work that should be reserved for professional contractors.

Here are 4 big jobs you should always leave to the Pros:

1. Electrical work

It’s one thing to change a light bulb, install a fan, or change a dimmer switch. It’s another entirely different no-no scenario to run cable or put in electrical circuits. Not only could you hurt yourself (i.e. electrocute yourself or start a fire), but if you fail to do the work according to code, you can get in big trouble and even pay fines. It will also make it hard to get your home to pass inspection if you try to sell it in the future.

2. Tree cutting

The tools needed to cut down big trees – which include hatchets and chainsaws – can easily cause accidents, in and of themselves. An inexperienced tree cutter can also underestimate the job and allow limbs (or even entire trunks) to fall on people, smash into cars or fall into the road and create dangers to traffic. If the tree falls onto your home, you’re looking at thousands of dollars in repairs.

3. Roofing

Leaving aside the fact that you could fall off the roof… you could also be injured by the tools and chemicals needed for serious roofing jobs. Misuse a nail gun, for instance, and you’ll need a trip to the ER to remove nails from your hands. In addition, exposure to roofing tar can cause inhalation injuries and lung problems. The extreme heat can also lead to blacking out (and falling). Trust us, leave the roofing jobs to the Pros.

4. Plumbing work

It’s OK to change your shower head or hook up your washing machine… It’s another thing to try to alter the water supply lines or mess with your hot water heating system. You want to avoid soaking your hardwood floors, or worse, enduring a hot water injury or causing a pipe to explode in your walls.

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