Let’s face it, people. It’s already 2012. It’s about time that some of the crazy futuristic technologies featured in the science fiction movies and TV shows of our youth became reality. Fortunately, kitchen designers have not disappointed. If you transported a lucky soul from, say 1959 to present, he (or she) would be flabbergasted by some of the unreal kitchen tech that’s currently available (and surprisingly affordable).
Consider these crazy gadgets:


Roca Intelligent Drain

As the famous business guru, Peter Drucker, once said: what gets measured gets managed. Most people have a hard time measuring how much water they consume. Not anymore, with this intelligent drain, which employs a screen and sensor to measure and then tell you exactly how much water you are pouring away while you wash dishes, shave, or try to get your two-year-old to wash her hands even though he/she just wants to play with the water controls.

Smart Grids

Smart Grid tech can improve the efficiency of household appliance electricity use. Not only will you save on your bill, but you will also tamp down on your carbon dioxide emissions and, theoretically, help save the planet (if only in a miniscule way).

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens, like the Electrolux Inspiro, basically “think for you” by choosing the amount of heat needed and the time and convection required to cook a dish. These ovens are so smart that they will even recommend which rack to use to cook the juiciest, most delectable whatever.

Microsoft’s New Counter That Is Basically from Star Trek

New cool counters can function like ipads — showing you recipes, so you don’t have to get your computer all gummed up with egg and powdered flour while looking up how to make that Frou-Frou dessert your wife always loves. Microsoft’s “cutting board that can communicate with you” is still in the pre-consumer deployment phase.

Grace — the Omniscient Kitchen Robot

Microsoft is also rolling out a dynamic omniscient robot intelligence named Grace, who can control various appliances in your kitchen, home, bath, etc, as well as give you a rundown on what the kids ate for dinner, email messages you have, and so forth. Shades of Hal from Kubrick’s 2010, anybody?

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