Go Big, Or Don’t: Getting What You Want from a Kitchen Remodel


As a homeowner who wants to boost property values, enjoy more convenience and beautify your home, you’re investigating kitchen remodeling options for your house. The kitchen is an obvious place to start for many reasons: for instance, multiple surveys suggest that kitchen remodels offer excellent return on investment (ROI) when compared to similar home improvement projects. Additionally many homeowners identify the kitchen as the heart of their home, where guests and family spends the most time and where most conversation happens. But what scale kitchen remodel should you consider? Here are some factors to weigh:

Know Your Neighborhood

You obviously want to create a kitchen that meets your needs, but you don’t want to add features that are above neighborhood standards or that would place your home out of the price range of prospective buyers. If you don’t anticipate spending the rest of your life in your current home it is also often a good idea to take into consideration popular remodeling choices versus only choosing the materials and styles that you personally love. Contact a local real estate agent for insight about how to remodel for maximum value.

Small Changes/Big Impact

You don’t need a complete remodel to have a big impact on your kitchen. Resurfacing cabinets, changing hardware, and adding a fresh coat of paint can modernize the room for little cost. Updating floors and counter-tops or purchasing energy-efficient appliances can also improve the look and feel of your kitchen as well as improving your experience when cooking and living in your home. Studies show that small changes like these can yield an astonishing 83% return on investment.

Going Big

Some kitchens require major updates to be functional and meet market expectations. You will likely replace the appliances, sinks, floors and cabinets as part of this process. A building contractor can evaluate the space and make recommendations regarding your existing floor plan as well as offer ways that you may be able to expand your kitchen and make better use of less important rooms in your home that share walls with your kitchen. You might choose to move the sink or add an island to improve the flow and function of the room and provide added prep space. Major renovations are expensive and can run into the five-figure and even six-figure range. Be advised: your return on investment won’t typically be as good as it would be for a small remodel project, however if you love your home but you just can’t live with your kitchen fully remodeling your kitchen can be a great investment in your long-term happiness and home comfort. Sometimes bigger isn’t just better: it’s essential.

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