Not All Kitchen Trends Are Here To Stay. But These Are.

You’ve visited home-remodeling stores, drooled over glossy magazine spreads and started a kitchen remodel Pinterest page. Before you put your money where your dreams are, consider which trends having staying power and which will make your space look dated in five years. Great choices for long-lasting style are:2016 modern kitchen trends remodel


  1. Subway Tiles. Yes, they’re trendy, but they are also versatile. Color and installation designs can create classic looks that will always be in style.
  2. Glass-front Cabinets or Shelves. Storage space that does double duty as display cabinets are all the rage, but practical, too. You eliminate the need for a china cabinet, and you can see exactly where everything goes.
  3. Farm Sinks. These are trending because they are so useful. Use them to soak large pots and pans, wash the child or dog, or fill them with ice to use as a cooler during a party. They also look great with any décor.
  4. Stainless Steel Appliances. They are timeless, easy to care for and can be matched across most brands. They will not clash with your current or future paint schemes, and they will always look great.
  5. An Island. The kitchen island is where most prep work is done and a needed space in most kitchens. With or without seating, it is also where most casual entertaining occurs.
  6. Granite Countertops.  Stone is timeless. With all the color and style choices on the market, you can find the perfect counter top to create your vision of the perfect kitchen.

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