Perhaps you’re remodeling your condo’s kitchen, and you crave cutting-edge tips from the pros about how to reshape your aesthetic or save money/time/energy on your project. Or maybe you’re building a new home from scratch, and you’d like to stay innovative and energy-efficient. In either case, consider these breaking trends for 2012 kitchen design:

1. The Kitchen Is a Simple Space (a.k.a. Keep It Simple, Stupid, a.k.a. KISS)

Baroque ornamentations and detailing have dominated cutting edge aesthetic for years. Industry analysts believe that we’re getting tired of all the fuss, and we want to move away from the panel doors and thick moldings to simpler, less “Old World” conceptions. For instance, bamboo cabinets might replace more classical ornamented cabinetry.

2. Eco-Conscious Variety

A decade or so ago, if you told someone you were going to “green” your home or kitchen, the person would implicitly assume that you were constraining your aesthetic. Today, “green” can mean tens of thousands of things, depending on the designer, the materials used, et cetera. Kitchens in 2012 will use “diversely green” materials, such as granite, marble, quartz, wood, glass, bamboo and engineered quartz-like materials. You may see kitchen counter tops inspired by Asian-glass minimalism, bucolic country flavors, and everything in between. 2012, in some ways, will be the Age of Everything Green.

3. Efficiency Will Reign.

Hit hard by the ongoing financial crisis in California and elsewhere, penny-pressed consumers are pushing for efficiency. Innovators are listening. Expect new materials, design ideas, and other creative workarounds. For instance: CFL bulbs. These bulbs save energy, look great, and reduce costs.

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