Preventative Commercial Property Maintenance Saves Money and Time

Preventative Commercial Property Maintenance

As a Bay Area property manager, you know you need to engage in preventative commercial property maintenance to avoid tenant complaints and code violations and also to make your own experience as an owner less heartburn-inducing. To that end, let’s explore some smart but surprisingly disregarded principles for maintaining Bay Area buildings.

First off, use the sun more!

Here in Golden California, we are lucky to get a lot of sunshine, even if our sunny weather is occasionally disturbed by surprise storms rising up out of the Pacific. Illuminate your commercial building with natural light as opposed to electric light to save on energy costs and attract a more diverse and wealthier clientele. Savvy prospective tenants who could turn out to be the next Google or Apple will likely know the importance of natural visible light in terms of motivating their teams and keeping everyone healthy.

Work with an experienced building contractor to automate plumbing and lighting functions.

Today’s commercial automation technology is frankly astonishing both in terms of its accuracy and automation abilities. By installing proximity sensor faucets, automated heat and energy controls and other technology, you can shave hundreds of dollars off of your energy budget every month. Additionally many automation products enable diagnostics and warnings when problems arise, potentially saving you from unexpected and costly repairs or replacements that may result from issues going unidentified. An expert building contractor can help you identify products which would be useful for your particular set of applications.

Solicit help from your tenants.

Make this a process. Every month or so (or more frequently) survey your clients about ideas they have in terms of increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste. You might be surprised by what these “on the ground” operatives tell you. This solicitation should lead to better relationships with tenants, who will feel like a more important part of the entire property’s efforts, and your tenants may come up with cool ways to save money and time based on their day to day experience of working or living at the property.

Lastly, work with a Bay Area general contractor to assess and vet all of your different systems (like your HVAC).

B.A. Morrison general contractors and HVAC pros are some of the most experienced around and our team has a vast knowledge of older systems as well as new high efficiency systems. We can help ensure that all the major components of your property are working properly, efficiently, and we can suggest maintenance plans and upgrades that will help to keep you within your operating budget or in many cases even save you money, time, and frustrations. Call us today at (510) 538-9817 or contact us from our website so we can provide you with information about any services you require.

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