How To Install Thermostat

The Best Place In Your House To Install A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats make sense for homeowners. The technology is getting more affordable and accessible through most electronic devices. Many utility companies offer rebates for installing a smart thermostat. Using one correctly will help you save money on your Bay Area heating and air conditioning costs.

Finding The Ideal Location

If you are considering a programmable thermostat, here are some things to consider. Should you install it in the same place as your current thermostat? That depends. Consider asking a Bay Area general contractor for advice. Ideally, your thermostat should be on a central wall in your home. In order to function properly, the thermostat needs to correctly read the temperature. This means you need to avoid these areas:

Places In Direct sunlight

Your Bay Area air conditioning works hard to keep you cool from the sun. A unit will get inaccurate readings if the thermostat sits in direct sunlight. This could also cause your heater not to turn on in time to keep your home comfortable.

In The Hallways

Your thermostat should live in the same room where you do. Hallways are generally long, thin areas that don’t get a lot of air flow. This makes it difficult for the thermostat to keep your entire home comfortable.

Near Your Kitchen

You probably don’t think about the amount of heat that your kitchen puts off. This can cause your thermostat to adjust the temperature erroneously. The heat generated by the stove will cause your HVAC system to kick on when it doesn’t really need to.

Near Windows or Doors

The seals around your windows are notorious for causing small drafts. Doors open and close every time someone comes in or goes out. This causes the temperature next these places to fluctuate. Placing your thermostat near windows or doors will cause your system to cycle on and off unnecessarily and never get to the right temperature for comfort.

Above Your Air Vents

The air vents will cause your thermostat to register incorrect temperatures. You don’t want the hot or cold air to hit the thermostat.

Get Help From Local Bay Area Heating & Air Experts

Are you looking to install a programmable thermostat? If your thermostat isn’t in an ideal location currently, consider having a professional install it in a better location. For best results, talk to your Bay Area HVAC specialist by calling B. A. Morrison at (510) 538-9817. Contact us online for a free quote for HVAC service or other home remodeling and repairs. We can help you make the best decision for your home!

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