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Smart thermostats have made a big splash in the residential HVAC market. These high tech gadgets sense changes in weather and monitor energy use for convenience and planning. They can be easily accessed and controlled on your smart phone, allowing you to control your home and its energy use remotely.

Smart Thermostats HVACSmart thermostats can keep your house comfortable and help you save on energy. In addition to sensing changes in weather, pressure and humidity, many smart thermostats can take note of when you leave the house and automatically cut energy when you’re not around. The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat uses geofencing, so when you leave a designated range (from 500 feet to 7 miles), the system automatically switches into “away mode.” As soon as you enter the zone again, your smart thermostat kicks back on to ensure total comfort the moment you walk through the door.

Smart thermostats have revolutionized the heating industry because of their long-term money saving potential. When you have to constantly adjust your thermostat, you wind up wasting energy and money because you “overcorrect”; this wastes energy in the same way that a rocket ship wastes energy turning its thrusters on and off. You can free yourself from the constant struggle to achieve the right temperature; your thermostat will respond to weather changes and other factors to adjust your home’s temperature based on parameters you specify. Smart thermostats are becoming more affordable than ever, too, and the money you save on energy can really add up.

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