Bay Area Winter Heating Tips

bay area hvac checklistDealing with heating and furnace maintenance can be a challenge, even for diligent Bay Area homeowners. Unfortunately, most people only become aware of their HVAC systems during dire situations. For instance, you might suddenly care about your HVAC if…

  • The A/C fails during a heat wave;
  • The furnace goes out during the dead of winter;
  • The filtration system gets so bad that your home becomes saturated with bad, unbreathable air;

As the old adage goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Rather than get caught unaware – particularly during the coldest parts of the winter – use this heating and furnace maintenance checklist to prepare for whatever Old Man Winter throws at you this year.

Do HVAC maintenance bi-annually. Do it once prior to the winter season (primarily to check for issues with the heating system) and once before the summer (to check out the A/C).

Do you have an outdoor unit? If so, a general contractor or HVAC technician should inspect the refrigerant levels as well as key components and systems, such as: the coil, the fan motor and blades, the control box, the compressor, and tubing. Clean off any leaves, dirt and grime.

Do you have an indoor unit? If so, check the burner assembly, the ignition system, the heat exchanger, the fluid system, the gas system (for gas furnaces), the condensate drain lines, the combustion blower, the fan belt, the control box, the air filters, and all key wiring.

Examine the duct work to make sure it’s not leaking or damaged.

Get Professional Help From an HVAC Specialist

An HVAC technician with B.A. Morrison can help you develop and implement a customized HVAC and furnace maintenance checklist, based on your particular system and needs – and any past problems – so that you can feel totally comfortable.

Engage in proactive property maintenance. Keep track of electrical use. Listen for strange sounds. Pay attention to leaks or unusual odors. Avoid overworking your A/C and heating – not just to conserve electricity, but also to limit wear and tear on sensitive HVAC components.

For help with your personalized HVAC maintenance, connect today with the B.A. Morrison team. Our family-owned Bay Area business has been helping homeowners like you for years to make them feel comfortable and safe in their own homes. Connect today by calling 510-538-9187 or fill out our online contact form TODAY for a free estimate.

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