You already have more “stuff to do” than you have time to do it. Do you really need to add “clean my air ducts” to your already sprawling list?
Perhaps: as needed prophylaxis or as a response to polluted indoor air.

Our East Bay HVAC specialists recommend air duct cleaning for two main reasons.

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1. The air you breathe can powerfully influence your health, productivity, and energy level.
If your air ducts are dirty, that means that the air that you breathe will be dirty. Aside from the obvious risks of breathing dirty air – asthma, respiratory discomfort, weakened immune system, etc – you should also consider the secondary negative health consequences. For instance, if you breathe in dirty air all day, and that sets off an allergy attack, you may need to take a prescription anti-allergy medication, which can affect your mood, productivity, and even weight.

2. Clear ducts lead to major energy savings.
Cleaner ducts are more efficient. When dirt clogs coils, interferes with heat exchange, causes dysfunction in the system’s evaporator, or causes general turbulence and bad air flow, your A/C and heating units won’t operate as well. You will have to spend more money (and consume more natural resources) to get and stay comfortable.
Cleaner air ducts, in other words, often quickly “pay for themselves” just in terms of better energy efficiency alone.
If clean ducts are so important — and if the cleaning process is so simple and inexpensive — then why don’t more Bay Area home and business owners get their ducts cleaned regularly?
The answer probably has to do with force of habit.

If you do not have a process installed to maintain your building or home in some way, then the work won’t get done.
That’s why we (and other specialists) recommend that our clients calendar regular cleanings, so that air duct hygiene becomes a “no-brainer.” Much like you would feel weird if you didn’t brush your teeth every night before going to sleep; you should “feel weird” if you go for long stretches of time without cleaning your air ducts.
Our Bay Area air conditioning team would be more than happy to help you figure out a proper, effective cleaning/maintenance system, so that you and your family (or coworkers) breathe easier and save money and resources. Find out more about our family-owned HVAC business here at our website,, or call us today for a complimentary estimate.

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