Finding the best general contractor for your needs.

Remodeling a home can be costly. Thus, it is just right for every homeowner who wants to remodel their home to use all the means they could to get the most out of every penny they would invest on the project.How to screen general contractors

The best contractor for you isn’t always the one who gives the lowest bids or price. Although it can be tempting to accept such offer, being a wise homeowner it’s crucial to get things done.

1. Referrals. To start on this journey of finding the perfect contractor for your home, get referrals. Ask recommendations from family or friends who have worked with good home contractors in the past. You can also look into reviews or professional listings that may help you with your search. Make sure that these contractors have an excellent reputation in the industry. Going through testimonials might be helpful for having an insight about your prospective general contractor.

Look into getting the names and contact details of few contractors so you can narrow down the list and find the best.

2. Interview. Call or personally, interview the contractors on your list. This ensures that you’ll be comfortable working with the team. There are some issues that you need to ask to get the information that your need. These are some of the questions for the potential contractor:

  • How long have you been in the industry?
  • Are you a licensed contractor in the state/city?
  • Do you carry workers’ liability insurance and compensation?
  • Who will supervise the project and the workers?
  • How many projects have you completed that were similar to mine?
  • Are you a member of any professional organization?

3. Design. Never start the project without a design. You may need an architect or an interior designer to layout the plan for you. This ensures that the project specifications are all laid out. Certain specifications might sink, cabinets, windows, floorings, and built-in shelves.

4. Get bids. Ask for an estimate or a bid from the different contractors you interviewed. Make sure that you’ve discussed the project specifications and the materials that are needed. You can also ask for a cost breakdown, which should include expenses, fixtures, materials, labor, and the total amount. This makes comparison easier.

5. Finalize in writing. Once you’ve chosen the best contractor, finalize the deal in writing. This ensures that the project goes fine. This also serves as a protection just in case you encounter a problem during the construction. The contract should include a lien waiver, insurance, project details, and dates.

Keep in mind that looking for a reliable contractor is just the initial step. Keeping good and frequent communication will ensure that you get the best and smooth home construction and with BA Morrison you are guaranteed of that and much more, a reliable and professional company.

If you are in East Bay Area, you can ensure that your home remodeling project is done the right and most efficient way by hiring an experienced general contractor from BA Morrison. 

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