Planning a Kitchen Remodel? Make It a Smart One with These Tech Features

bay area kitchen remodeling

Take advantage of smart appliances and newer style ideas according to the latest kitchen remodeling trends. Take a look at some of these smart kitchen suggestions:

Improve The Layout and Design

Bay Area general construction companies can help your kitchen be more efficient. In general, the design phase should include personal specifics and usage of available space before even considering the cabinet, appliances and finish. Each area of the kitchen should be efficient and address the need of each family member.

You may ask your family members about what they like and dislike about your current kitchen. You can ask them to supplement their ideas with online photos and concepts in drawing. You can then put together a unique floor layout or have an architect draw up the plans that the contractor can use to create your smart kitchen.

Spruce Up The Lighting

Large windows that let natural light in are great for enhancing design and overall ambiance. Recent innovations regarding LED lights can make up for the lack of illumination during night time. Bay Area general contractors recommend using recessed fixtures, lamps and LED tape in strategic places. For example, recessed LED lighting works beautifully when installed from above, and additional LEDs should be placed in the busiest parts of the kitchen. LED is the optimal choice as it doesn’t raise the ambient temperature and it doesn’t glare as compared to CFLs and incandescents.

Install Smart Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances should increase overall food quality while reducing the amount of work and time needed to cook dishes. Smart appliances include Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators that have touch screens where you can control the temperature and look up recipes on the internet. Dual ovens may be utilized to cook two different dishes at once with each food having their own unique cooking temperature. Convection-capable ranges cut short roasting and baking time while adding to the flavor and quality of the food.

Consider the smart appliances’ energy efficiency and look for the Energy Star logo so you can cut back on utility bills and conserve energy.

Make It Neat and Smart

The range, refrigerator and sink are often combined together and arranged in a triangle layout, but it’s not necessary. If you like the idea of having multiple work areas and a more linear design, then you can forego the classic triangle method. Instead, you can have your sink as the focal point as it determines where the dishwasher will be installed. The plus side is that there are ultra-quiet dishwashers today that look great and operate in a noiseless fashion.

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