Whether your kitchen sink has been clogged for weeks, and every time you run the garbage disposal, gunk backs up and gross slimy yucky stuff coats your sink; or your guest bathroom shower won’t drain,ever since your hairy uncle Harold visited a few months ago, you need creative approaches.

Here are some ideas about how to declog:

1. Use harsh chemicals, like strong acids or bases, to essentially burn through the clog.


You can find tons of commercial cleaners out there, such as Drano, to chemically annihilate

whateveris causing the problem. There are pros to this approach, but you are also dumping chemicals into the wastewater system and possibly causing damage to your pipes.

2. Use chemical-free bacteria-based enzyme cleaners.

When these work well, they essentially nibble away the stuff that’s causing the clog without doing thekind of atomic bomb like destruction that certain chemical formulas do.

3. Use a purely mechanical approach: a plumber’s snake or electric plumber’s snake or a simple plunger.

Elbow grease is often very good for clearing large blockages – and not just in toilets.

4. Mix boiling water and baking soda to create an alkaline mixture; pour that down the drain.

5. Re live your days as an elementary school chemist.

Remember when you created baking soda vinegar volcanoes as a kid? Guess what? That mixture cleans clogs too! Mix the baking soda and vinegar and use the fizz to loosen and dislodge the clogs.

6. Shrink a team of hardy workers.

Go to a construction site, set up your shrinking machine, shrink a bunch of construction workers (makesure they have their shovels with them), bring them home in a tiny bird cage, and release them into your drain. Be careful not to turn the garbage disposal on when they are down there. The construction workers will shovel out the clog for you. Once the men have done their job, rinse them off in the faucet,bring them back to the construction site, flip your shrinking machine to Grow, and return them to their normal size.

As you can see, a simple problem (clogged drain) can be an enormous hassle that inspires wild, sometimes quite silly behavior in homeowners. A savvier, smarter choice might be to connect with the general contracting and heating ventilation and air conditioning experts at B.A. Morrison.

For over 20 years, our specialists have served the Bay Area. We can help you with all manner ofc onstruction and remodeling problems as well as property maintenance. Connect with out Better Business Bureau A+ rated accredited business at www.bamorrison.com, or phone us at 510-538-9817 for help now.

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