How to Calibrate Central Heat/Air So That All Rooms Are at a Desired Temperature


It’s the holy grail of homeowners – particularly during chilly winter days and sultry summer afternoons: getting all of the rooms in your home (or condo or office) to be the same temperature.


How can you get into that “Goldilocks zone” if you use central heating or air conditioning?

The answer is far from easy or obvious, and, depending on the structure of your home, the way that your HVAC system is engineered and organized, and your ability to (or desire to) constantly manipulate factors to ensure temperature homogeneity, you may face quite a challenge.

Maybe you already have a heating and air-conditioning system installed; there’s always one room that’s too hot or too cold. What to do? Well, you can add insulation, play with airflow, and even experiment with things like space heaters or individual air-conditioning units. A more budget-friendly solution is simply to dress for the occasion. For instance, if you know that your study gets chillier than the other rooms in the house on really cold days, keep a robe at the ready so that, whenever you enter the study, you can avoid the chill.

However, toying with the components of your system can be annoying, or even extremely impractical. Ideally, your central air and heat system would intuitively understand your temperature needs and alter your home’s climatic conditions accordingly.

To accomplish this, you probably need the help of a professional.

At B.A. Morrison, our experienced, trustworthy, and skillful tradesman can help you (finally!) fix that one problem room.

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