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Don’t Be Scammed By Some Illegitimate HVAC Maintenance Man

When your HVAC system breaks down on a scorching day or chilly night, you’ll be happy to see a technician as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not all Bay Area HVAC contractors operate ethically. Some shady ones rip off clients who desperately require quick repairs. So what can you do to prevent such contractors from taking advantage of you? Follow these tips to protect yourself from heating and air conditioning scams.

Do Your Homework

Before an HVAC technician arrives at your home, make sure you do thorough research on the average price of components and service visits to avoid being overcharged. Overpricing replacement parts is a common HVAC scam. You should also do research on your contractor. Look at their reviews, years of experience and Better Business Bureau rating. Make sure they have a local, physical address and check for insurance, certification, and licensure.

Beware of Pressurizing Sales Tactics

Some technicians will press you to make a rushed decision on replacing one or more HVAC parts. They may tell you that a particular part is a safety hazard and must be replaced, or offer you low prices with a time limit for replacement parts. You should be skeptical of such contractors who force you to accept a replacement or expensive work right away. A good contractor will give you all the details about repairing versus replacing the damaged part and allow you to make a decision.

Get a Detailed Written Quote

Without a written quote, unscrupulous companies can charge you for unwanted parts and services. Never allow an HVAC company to start working on your system without knowing why they’re doing so and what exactly you’ll be paying for. So before the contractor dismantles your equipment, get a written quote with the list of materials, start and completion dates, and penalties for not finishing the job within the required timeframe. If you’re doubtful of the quote you receive, get quotes from other companies and compare them.

Ask Questions

A good contractor won’t mind educating you on the repair or replacement work they’re doing. Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to your equipment or the problem at hand. Be wary of a contractor who keeps fumbling for answers to your questions.

Sign a Maintenance Agreement

Reputable HVAC companies are usually very busy during the summer and winter. When you need fast repairs and your preferred contractor has a busy schedule, you may easily fall prey to unscrupulous contractors while looking for a quick alternative. That’s why it’s best to sign a maintenance agreement with a trustworthy company. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy are discounts, priority service, and spring and fall home maintenance reminders.

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