How to Check Your Hot Water Heating System

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As the bone cold days of winter come and go – or at least as “bone cold” as it gets here in Northern California – you’ve got warmth on your mind. As Bay Area heating, general contractor and property maintenance experts, the BA Morrison team has an ethical duty to teach our clients (and anyone else who will listen) how to get the most mileage from their heating systems during winter. To that end, here are time-proven tips for hot water heaters that you may not have heard before.

Alternate hot showers with colder showers, if you can take it.

Obviously, this is not a weight loss and health blog. Make sure you talk to your physician before you alternate frigid showers with hotter ones. However, new research into the science of something called cold thermogenesis (CT) suggests that having a cold shower once in a while may induce fat loss in some people.

Develop a process for inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining your heater.

First of all, identify where your water heater is. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know: many homeowners don’t. It might be near water supply lines, next to your washer & dryer, in your garage, in your basement, or even on an outside wall.

Examine the heater visually.

Can you see any leaks? Can you see the visible obvious damage? At least once a year, flush your water heater to get rid of any built-up gunk and residue to prevent leaks, degradation, mechanical damage, etc.

Examine the vent unit.

The vent at the top of the heater should divert toxic byproducts of the heating process out of your house. With the heater off, light a match and put it between the vent and the heater. When the heater turns on, the flame should be sucked into the gap between the vent and the heater. If it’s not, the vent may be clogged, and you may need a professional to clean it out. Skip this step if you have an electric or high-efficiency hot water heater.

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