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Home renovation requires a good balance of skill and resources to be able to execute a successful project. Before embarking on a project to remodel your home, take time to learn the most common mistakes and find out how to avoid them in order to prevent the cost and hassle of redoing a remodel. Bay Area building contractors encounter many remodeling mistakes amongst homeowners. Here are the most common:

The Most Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

Don’t mis-measure your kitchen cabinets

A lot of times people buy kitchen cabinets and then find that it takes too much space in the kitchen – which can make it difficult to fit the fridge and other equipment. While you probably don’t have training in Castro Valley general construction, you will benefit from making a few measurements before purchasing equipment.  Start by printing out the specs for all the appliances in your space and compare them to the existing plans for the cabinet.

Don’t choose the cheapest contractor

Cost is a major factor when selecting a general contractor but it doesn’t trump the quality of work. A cheap contractor might end up doing a shoddy job that requires additional work at an exorbitant cost. To start off, get in touch with several contractors and ask for estimates that describe the details (e.g., hardware, install costs, etc.) and an explanation of the procedure for handling design changes.

Some contractors lure you in with a low estimate and then proceed to cut corners and install weak or faulty hardware. To avoid this, ask for detailed estimates including the cost of materials – and only settle for quality products.

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Don’t be obsessed with granite tops

This is one of the most popular materials for the kitchen but it’s expensive and it doesn’t maintain its original luster for very long. There are many other options to go with: for instance plate steel, butcher block or laminate are good choices and they cost far less than granite. For those who like granite, you can get a similar look by installing a specific type of laminate that looks a lot like granite.

Don’t install hardwood floors if you have kids and lots of pets

Pets can damage hardwood by scratching on the floor and kids will cause it to wear and tear faster than normal. Consider installing single-board laminate if you have high traffic around the house. It provides a classy high-end look and it’s more durable.

Don’t make your kitchen too trendy

The problem with creating bold styles for the kitchen is that they tend to go out of style and that leaves you with a dwindling resale value. Instead of focusing on improving appliances (such as double oven, rice cooker, wine chiller, etc.), try to leave more room between the island and the cabinets.

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