Last Reminder Before Your House Falls Apart 

Summer Home Maintenance Tips:

As the dog days of August come to a sulfurous, steamy close, you may be too burnt out (literally) to contemplate fixing your roof or cleaning up your yard. But if you fail to maintain your property during the summer, you set yourself up for decidedly unpleasant financial consequences come autumn or winter. After all, the time to discover that you have a leaky roof is today, NOT on a damp, frigid January morning, as cold rain leaks onto your mahogany kitchen table.

To that end, here are tips to save money during the waning weeks of summer:

1. It’s not too late to invest in keeping cool.

Get that ceiling fan fixed. Likewise, calk up leaky weather stripping around your doors and windows. And, for Pete’s sake, service that air conditioning system already!

2. Clean up that yard.

After weeks of barbeques, lawn-mowings, and kids running amuck outside, odds are that your property has gotten disheveled. Crud may coat the outside of your siding and windows. If you let crud accumulate on your sidings and roof, that rotting, desiccating stuff can ultimately puncture the roof or cause structural damage – not to mention aesthetic yuckiness.

Termites might also be on the march around your property. Even a small termite infestation can grow and become ferocious come winter time; the invasion might mean thousands of dollars worth of damage, leaks, mildew, and extermination costs.

3. Clean up from summer projects.

Whether you spent July rock-polishing in the garage with your 8-year old, “working on your car” or doing random artisan crafts that involved a lot of benzene, paint thinner, and other nastiness, now is time to pick up your garage, clean up hazardous materials, and especially put pesticides, fertilizers and other poisons away from the reach of toddlers or neighborhood kids.

4. Clear slip and fall hazards from your property.

Deflated beach balls, poorly folded hoses, broken walkways, husks of old firecrackers, etc. may currently litter your property. Clean things up now — not only to make your place look better but also to prevent people from slipping and falling on your property and suing you.


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