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It doesn’t really matter if you reside in an old or new home. The fact is, almost every household has a draft at one place or another. They usually occur where there are gaps in the structural makeup of the home that have been left unsealed against the elements from outside.

Spotting drafts using a candle

Drafts can be found in areas such as;

  •  Doors
  • Windows
  • The attic
  • Pipes leading to the outside areas of your home
  • Wall-joints
  • In the ceiling

If you suspect that any one of these areas in your home could be bringing in a draft, simply place a lit candle at the entrance of the gap, and if it’s blown out, or seems to be affected by wind, then that will serve as a clear indication that there is indeed a draft.

The cold that penetrates into you home through these kinds of uninsulated spaces can end up costing you high electricity bills. In addition, apart from letting cold air in, they also allow moisture and various small critters to enter your home.

The following are some simple but proven techniques for draft-proofing your home:

1. Run your fans in reverse

Most people see fans as being items that should only be used for cooling a room. However, these devices come with a useful switch that is capable of reversing the direction of the blades. This counterclockwise rotation emits a breeze whereas switching it in the other direction makes air warmer. Also, any air that may have accumulated near the ceiling will be circulated back into the living space; hence, cutting your heat and air costs by as much as 10%.

2. A door snake (door sweeps)

In case you have a drafty door or window, a simple door snake’ is something that you should strongly consider using. This simple technique involves placing weighted fabric tubes made from regular household items to keep out any unwanted drafts. You can try using a rolled up towel if you have nothing else.

3. Re-caulk your doors and windows

With time, the caulking present on doors and windows start to deteriorate and may eventually wear and peel away. During each fall season, you should purchase one or two tubes of exterior caulking and go around inspecting the exterior of your home. Identify old-spots that need to be re-caulked to help keep out drafts.

In case you don’t properly understand the techniques mentioned above, you can hire a professional company like B.A. Morrison for property maintenance.

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