How to Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

While your outdoor air conditioning unit plays a significant role in enhancing your comfort on hot days in the East Bay Area, it probably takes away from the beauty of your backyard. You’ll need to get creative to prevent that large, boxy unit from being an eyesore. But don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Use one of these creative tips to hide your outdoor AC unit.

hide your air conditioning unit

Tall Potted Plants

You can use large garden pottery with tall flowers, grasses and other greenery to hide your air conditioner while adding color and style to your yard. Choose hardy plants that won’t wilt as a result of the hot air blowing from your unit. To further distract the eye from your air conditioner, combine the tall plants with a decorative windmill.


A simple way to hide your outside unit is building a fence around it, such as a crosshatch fence or a birdhouse picket fence. The fence encloses the unit without obstructing airflow. Some of the materials you can use for fencing include wood, metal, and vinyl. For more camouflage, paint the fence to match your garden’s color scheme.

Vegetation Screens

A three-sided trellis covers your air conditioner and allows you to access it from behind. Plant climbers like Clematis and beans at the base of the trellis panels to further conceal your unit and add a touch of beauty to your yard.

Storage Structure

You can build a permanent structure on the side of your house to provide shade for your air conditioner and storage space for small garden tools such as shovels, rakes, hoses, and pool cleaning supplies. Heating and air conditioning units require free airflow to function efficiently, so make sure the structure is well ventilated. Another good idea is to construct a full-height shed to house the unit as well as all other outdoor machinery such as pumps.

Distract the View

A landscaping trick that can hide your outdoor A/C unit naturally is using a picturesque framed view to attract attention away from the unit. A paved walkway surrounded by lush vegetation or dramatic-shaped plants with big leaves provides visual interest and distracts from the air conditioner.

When masking your AC unit, make sure you leave at least 2 to 3 feet of empty space around it to maintain good airflow and allow HVAC technicians to access it. If you choose to use plants to conceal your unit, do regular maintenance on them to prevent them from growing too near to the unit.

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