Clip and save the following Castro Valley heating maintenance checklist.

1. Hire a professional every fall/early winter to check your system, highlight and fix any incongruencies, and double check your process.heat & air

The family owned and operated team here at B.A. Morrison would be more than happy to help you vet your checklist and deal with any urgent repair or maintenance needs.

2. Fine tune your thermostat settings.

You may not realize how much energy you leach or waste on a daily basis due to inaccurate thermostat settings. Paying attention to how much energy you consume – quantifying it – will lead you to adopt more efficient habits, effortlessly and subconsciously.

3. Identify potentially broken or frayed electrical connections.

If your electrical connections are frayed or in disrepair, the components of your heating system can falter. It may not even be safe to operate the heating system!


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4. Lubricate motors and other moving components.

Unlubricated components can cause electricity waste.

5. Check out the condensate drain in your furnace or heat pump.

If the drain is gummed up, the humidity levels in your home can go haywire, and your system can suffer water damage as well.

6. Inspect and clean gas and burner connections.

A corroded heat exchanger, warped gas or oil connection, or dirty burner can lead to inefficient operation as well as health issues and fire hazards.

7. Clean out/replace air filters regularly.

Dirty filters can lead to health problems, fire hazards, and inefficiencies, which can wear down components.

8. Add (or subtract) tasks from this list, based on conversations with your heating HVAC specialist.

Every home’s system is unique and idiosyncratic, and you need to accommodate for that. Understand that maintenance is a process, not a single time event. You don’t just “fix your heating system” once and then forget about it. When you view maintenance as a ongoing system that can be optimized and tweaked over years, you’ll save more money and efficiency, and reduce your risks of fire and health hazards.

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