These Three Characteristics are a Great Foundation

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Being a general contractor in the Bay Area can be a deeply rewarding, enriching experience, but this path obviously isn’t right for everyone. Are you considering a career in this field? If so, the facts below will help you decide whether you might want to pursue this profession seriously.

You must be self-motivated.
Successful contractors are self-starters who can stay motivated on their own, manage time well and produce good quality work by a specific deadline. If you need outside motivation or an ever-present boss to look over your shoulder, consider other work.

Loving the job is the key to success.
Whether you work in HVAC or general construction, the job will be demanding. They pay is good, but you won’t get rich. To be happy as a contractor, you need to love what you do and find joy and value in the work itself and in helping make others’ lives better.

People skills are important.
Although you may not spend all of your time working directly with the public, you need excellent interpersonal skills. When you come to fix a customer’s heating system, for example, you will need to talk to the person before beginning the job. If you’re an active listener and good communicator, the client will be more likely to trust you and request your services again in the future.

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