Building Contractor Advises Attention to These Home Maintenance Problems

Castro Valley General Contractor Shares TipsFailing to properly maintain your home leads to unnecessary costs as well as unplanned calls to your Bay Area building contractor. Below are seven home maintenance tasks you should never ignore, assuming you want to keep your budget from bloating and your home clean, sturdy and beautiful.

1. Kitchen and bathroom caulking repair.
Without intact caulking, mold grows around showers, tubs and sinks. Inspect and repair caulking regularly, especially after bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects. You will want to have your contractor ensure that all areas that require caulking are well sealed to prevent premature degradation.

2. Repair of leaky plumbing.
Leaky plumbing damages your home and raises your utility bills. In addition, undetected leaks and failing to repair leaks in a timely fashion can create conditions where mold and mildew flourish; this invasion can in turn pollute the air your breathe. Fix any leaks as soon as possible to avoid these problems and to help the Bay Area reduce water consumption during the drought.

3. Maintenance of outdoor decks.
The waterproof envelope of your home or building and indoor heating and ventilation protect the inside from water damage caused by weather, but they won’t keep your exterior decks. Left untreated, water or sun-damaged decks deteriorate quickly. Treat your decking with sealant to keep it in good condition for years to come.

4. Gutter maintenance.
When gutters become clogged, water backs up and seeps beneath shingles and siding. Unclog gutters by removing all debris and ensure that gutters are properly sloped to ensure rain water is draining to downspouts.

5. Fixing exterior paint.
When you notice peeling paint, scrape it off, prime the bare spots and repaint the area as soon as possible to prevent moisture from entering wood and causing premature rot.

6. Investigation of flickering lights.
Flickering lights sometimes signal serious problems, such as overloaded circuits or loose connections. Investigate these problems and resolve them quickly to prevent fires.

7. Dealing with termites.
Signs of termites include rustling inside walls, mud tubes built up from the ground and evidence of damage to wood. If you have termites, call an exterminator immediately to minimize damage. In addition to repairing the damaged wood and treating the infestation you may want to invest in a preventative maintenance plan to re-treat for these damaging pests every six months or so.

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