Which is Better: Gas or Electric Heating?

bay area hvacMost homes in the Bay Area use gas heating. Why? Gas is simply cheaper (in general). However, electric heating can confer unique advantages – particularly efficiency.

If you’re exploring heating and HVAC technologies to help your Bay Area home or business conserve energy and cut costs, here’s a quick primer on the fundamentals of the debate.

First, consider the equipment. Electric furnaces (typically) are half as expensive as gas furnaces. A November 2012 report from Consumer Reports, for instance, found that gas furnaces cost between $2,300 and $3,000, while electric furnaces can cost as little as $1,000. That said, over a lifetime, the costs balance out – electric furnaces general have higher long-term operating costs.

Your heating costs will be determined in part by:

  • Your system’s efficiency;
  • The amount of heat you get from your fuel;
  • How much your fuel costs;
  • What fuel you use.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that the average home, during the winter, consumes 150 million BTUs of heat.

What about the environmental impacts of gas and electric technologies? Natural gas does produce some pollution and emissions, but it burns much cleaner than coal. Electric furnaces, conversely, can generate pollution indirectly, depending on how the electricity is produced.

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