Whether you’re remodeling your San Francisco kitchen or Bay Area bathroom— or your teenager accidentally backed out of the garage without opening the door and dented your Beamer something fierce – you’d like a summary of the latest, greatest news in garage door materials, designs, trends, and resale value.


The common door materials include steel, wood, polyurethane, vinyl, and fiberglass. Top level fiberglass models often look like beautiful wooden doors but offer better insulation and longevity (and fewer potential mold issues). Steel is traditionally low maintenance, and you can find steel in a wide variety of prices, designs, and style options.

Designs and Trends

2012 is shaping up to be a neoclassical year, as designers and “in the know” home remodelers are pulling back from the “fancy schmancy” and bringing things back to basics:

Standard slab doors are going the way of the dodo. What’s in now is sectional doors.

“Old school” wooden doors are also out — fiberglass doors that look like wood are in because they offer better weather resistance, strength and longevity.

Insulated steel doors can keep your garage cool during the hot summer months and toasty during the winter. They also do a yoeman’s job preventing sound from seeping into your home.

Some industry insiders believe that vinyl is poised to make a major “comeback” this year, although top end vinyl garage door products may be too pricy for the average modeler.

Lastly, safety is becoming a big concern – what with the endless number of “helicopter parents” who populate the Bay Area. Features like dent resistant panels and other automated safety controls are likely to be in vogue this year.

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