Energy Efficiency Tips from Castro Valley Heating Experts


Energy consumption always increases during the cooler months and homeowners often struggle to leverage existing resources to balance the utility bill. Our Castro Valley heating & air specialists discuss methods to minimize energy consumption in your home while still keeping a comfortable environment for your family.

Before you proceed to implementing energy-saving tips, begin by conducting a thorough energy audit to learn what items account for higher consumption, and consider laying out a plan to curb power wastage in the long term.

Things to do this fall to lower energy consumption in your home this winter

Search for air leaks and seal all spaces

  • Air leaks account for a considerable loss of energy when neglected. Check for gaps and spaces in the closet, behind cupboards, around the chimneys, and in the ceiling.
  • Use caulk and weather-stripping material to seal spaces around windows and doors.

Cover up drafty windows

  • Purchase a plastic sheet and use it to cover drafty windows in your house. Ensure the plastic material is properly attached to the inside of the window frames to prevent air leaks.
  • Install shades on every window that feels drafty. This will enhance energy efficiency in the house.

Inspect your heating and cooling  (HVAC) systems

To learn more about how to maintain your heating and cooling systems, arrange for an inspection by a qualified HVAC expert at BA Morrison. In the meantime, use the following tips to reduce energy loss in the short term:

  • Replace furnace filters regularly or as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the appliance with a wire brush or modified tool and check the flue vent to remove dust and debris.
  • Set the thermostat low when you’re indoors – assuming that you’ve sealed all air spaces.
  • When leaving the house or going to sleep, turn down the thermo 10 or 15 degrees – that way you will save at least 10 percent per year on heating and cooling.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to have better control over the temperature.
  • When using heat pumps, set a moderate temperature or combine it with a programmable thermostat to regulate temperature.
  • Reduce the temperature on your water heater to around 120F (the warm setting). This will lower energy consumption and also ensure that you don’t scald your hands.
  • Remember to consult a Bay Area HVAC contractor to inspect your heating or air conditioning system in the event of break down or malfunction.

Added Tip: Use LED lights during the holidays to minimize the cost of decorating the home during the holidays.

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