Energy Efficiency & Bay Area Home Remodeling

With the wave of ‘green awareness’ sweeping the nation, be it participating in your local recycling program or purchasing one of the new hybrid electric vehicles now in mass production, the benefits of investing in tomorrow today are fast becoming the norm.

However modest or ambitious your contributions, the best and most obvious place to begin reducing waste is right in your own home.  Who doesn’t want to see their energy consumption rates reduced and help promote a conscientious approach in preserving the environment?  Whether simple or elaborate, home remodeling projects that focus on achieving increased energy efficiency and aesthetic dimensions will reap immediate and long term savings while also enhancing a home’s market value.

But there is something else that should not be overlooked in this equation—the energy-saving tax credits meant to encourage these kinds of home improvements.  Whatever the scale of your project, from better utilizing neglected space, window replacement, upgrading insulation, installing a new heating/cooling system, solar panels, eco-friendly landscaping, to designing and building a brand new addition, any home remodeling project should add to the overall functionality and appeal of your home.  Entrusting your project to a team of experts in the field who cover every aspect of construction and provide the best solutions available will take you from concept to realization.

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