Dealing with General Construction in Your Home


East Bay Building ContractorRemodeling your home can be at once exciting and tumultuous. Whether you want to stay in your home because the scale of the remodel is relatively small – and thus you imagine that the disruptions will be minimal – or you want to stay at home because you need to remain because of financial or medical reasons, you need to prepare appropriately.

Any remodeling job can be noisy and dusty, but you also need to contend with scheduling disruptions as well as surprising inconveniences. If your kitchen is getting a makeover, you may need to set up a hot skillet and coffee maker in the dining room and/or eat a lot of instant oatmeal during the transition. If construction workers are going to be hammering and drilling for weeks while you work at home, you’re going to need an excellent set of noise blocking headphones.

There are no magic solutions that will make your remodeling stress free, but you can minimize stress. Here are some tips:

  • Ask your general contractor about how other clients have dealt with living in a home while it’s being remodeled. Use what’s worked!
  • Keep the remodeling space and your living space separate. Use plastic sheets to block off the renovation zone. Doing so will keep your air clean and dust and debris out.
  • Define your cooking space. Designate a space for cooking (microwaving) and preparing meals if you’re undergoing kitchen remodeling. Plan meals ahead of time, so that you don’t have to scramble around before every meal or order out the whole time.
  • Secure renovation fixtures and furnishings ahead of time. You need to be ready when the electrician or plumber calls for an installation date.
  • Take time for stress relief. Go out for a drink with friends or to the gym. Meditate, perhaps. Eat well, and avoid foods that make you sluggish or cause digestive issues.

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