Four Ways to Reduce your Heating Bill

Last winter, your Bay Area heating bill was way too high. This year, you want to do things right and adjust your processes to conserve energy. Perhaps you want to call in a general contractor or HVAC expert to improve efficiencies in your heating system, or maybe you want to handle the issue yourself first.

In either case, let’s look at 4 things you can do right now to chip away at your heating bill:East Bay HVAC

1. Dial down the thermostat’s regular setting. 

Studies suggest that for every degree that you lower your thermostat (over an 8 hour period), you will get back 1% on your annual heating bill. This might sound enticing, but if you trust yourself to do it manually, you probably won’t get it done. Switch to an automated thermostat system. And get used to wearing heavier clothing inside the house to feel cozy.

2. Consider using home automation to adjust the temperature when you’re not using various living spaces. 

Home automation technologies have gotten incredibly sophisticated. You can now heat certain rooms and not others, control your thermostat remotely from your iPhone or other mobile device, and program when to heat your home based on your schedule. It’s no fun to come back from a long day’s work to a frigid house. But with some experimentation, you can find the “sweet spot” — when to turn on the heat, so that by the time you do get home, the temperature feels perfect.

3. Try space heaters. 

Maybe you spend most of your time in the bedroom, kitchen and living room but not nearly as much as time in the living room, guest bedrooms, and office. Consider getting a few space heaters for the rooms that need the extra heat.

4. Stop heat from leaching into the environment. 

For instance, use your drapes to let in warming sunlight during the day and to block heat from leaving your home at night. Install windows that will be less likely to leach heat. Improve your door sealings and weather stripping.


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