Can an East Bay general contractor create the bedroom of your dreams, literally and metaphorically, on budget and on spec?

The answer depends on what you want to do! First, you need to brainstorm, develop, and analyze your remodeling and renovation ideas. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking.

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First of all, consider toying with the design by raising the ceiling or adding a skylight to allow more natural light into the space. Obviously, you need to plan this correctly. If you’re a late riser, you do not want sun blasting through a skylight into your eyes at 6 AM every morning.

Raising the ceiling can create the sense that the room is larger than it is and add a certain spacious quality. You can also add space to a room — or even just the illusion of space — by removing knick-knacks, electronics, and furniture that you don’t really need.

Some East Bay homeowners prefer to slumber in something that’s more akin a cave — and thus they might not want all that extra light and ambiance and space.

That’s why you need to understand what you are trying to do — or what you would ideally like to do — before you hire a general contractor or dig in and do the work yourself.

Here are several other ways to innovate and remodel:

  • Build a walk-in closet;
  • Create a bench or cabinet to store knick-knacks, clothes, devices, TVs, etc. to increase the roominess and coziness of the room.
  • Add an entertainment center — perhaps something sleek and elegant, like a TV mounted on the wall.
  • Your best bet — to increase the beauty, comfort, and general livability of the space — might be to remove features, so that the room feels more spacious.

For help developing your bedroom innovation ideas, or for an estimate on the cost and scope of the project, get in touch with the East Bay general contractors here at B.A. Morrison. Our company is family-owned, and our workers are highly experienced, competent project managers. We can turn your bedroom renovation dreams into reality.

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