Air Conditioning in the East Bay Area

As Bay Area air-conditioning experts, many people assume (wrongly) that we encourage people to stay indoors all summer and bask in the A/C.

Sure, Air Conditioning is a wonderful invention. It actually saves lives – particularly of seniors and sick people, who would otherwise suffer horribly during the hottest days of the season.

But there are many ways to keep cool and comfy during the brutal months ahead. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Stay hydrated.

When you drink enough fluids, you will fuel your body’s ability to supply water for your body’s natural “A/C” system. When you get dehydrated, on the other hand, you may not sweat effectively, which can make your body hotter than it needs to be.

2. Eat healthfully – especially avoid sugar and junky refined carbohydrate.

Over-consuming sugar and refined carbs can cause the body to retain water and muck up your metabolic biochemistry. Feed your body whole, natural foods that it is designed to metabolize… as opposed to artificial sweet yucky stuff. You’ll be more comfortable and more resilient in the face of environmental stresses, such as heat spells.

3. Make “little” changes to your home energy use.

Some positive changes can add up to major savings and increased comfort. For instance:

  • Keep your curtains and drapes closed on the side of the house that’s facing the sun, so that the sun does not irradiate your home and make it warmer than it needs to be;
  • Do your laundry at night or early in the morning, before it gets super hot, so you don’t exacerbate the heat with heat from your appliances;
  • Consider air-drying your clothes (and your dishes);
  • Use the microwave instead of your conventional oven (less heat produced);
  • Open the window to your bathroom when you take a shower, to allow the excess heat and humidity to escape.

4. Be mindful of when you get “too hot” and create a system to solve the problem.

For instance, maybe it gets particularly sweltering during the mid-day hours in July and August. Recognize that pattern, and act to fix the situation. For instance, you could “pre-schedule” to be out of the house during those hot afternoon hours. The more you understand your patterns and habits, the more tools you can use to make yourself comfortable.

5. Make sure that your HVAC equipment is working optimally.

Whether you choose our Bay Area HVAC experts or some other company, get help now. You can save money, reduce air pollution, and help conserve resources. B.A. Morrison is a family-owned, highly respected HVAC company. Connect with us now for a free consultation about your air conditioning needs, and let us help you save money and have a great, comfy summer.

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