Bay Area winters are not as notorious as, say, Alaska winters. But it can get cold, rainy, and even snowy-sleety up here. To that end, how should you insulate best for winter? More specifically, should you install dual pane or single pane windows? 

Benefits of dual pane windows

Windows are notoriously bad insulators: that is, they are places where heat can easily “escape” from your home into the environment. Transitioning to “dual pane windows” can improve your energy-efficiency and help your Bay Area home in a variety of surprising ways.

Approximately a third of your energy dollars will go to heating and A/C costs. Installing a dual pane solution will reduce how much heat gets transferred from your home and eliminate some burden on your heating system, which will in turn increase the longevity of your HVAC unit.

Dual pane windows use inert gas (in between the two panes) to limit the amount of heat that leaches through the window. As a result, the insulation boost will help you both during the upcoming winter months and the hotter months next year. The insulation efficiencies work both during the winter and during the summer, so over time you will save more and more money every year you own your home.

Aesthetically-speaking, double pane windows also (generally) have an advantage. In some cases, homeowners who install these windows can earn rebates and tax advantages.

The real challenge is: do you have the time, money, and energy to engage in a “window renovation project” right now? Such a project may be daunting, especially if you’re considering doing aspects of the project yourself.

The team here at B.A. Morrison is standing by to help you with your Bay Area dual pane window installation. Call us and talk to us about your budget, needs, energy concerns, and timeframe, and we will suggest an objectively “best” plan of action for you, so you can stay warm and cozy this winter and for many seasons to come.

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