Like many San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurs, executives, and stay-at-home moms, you need an effective home office. But how do you go about establishing a great home office? Alternatively – if you already have an ad hoc office set up (e.g. a fold out table in your three year old’s bedroom that you sit at when he/she is at a day care) – how can you remodel your office to maximize its efficiency and quality?

Here are some big picture tips.

1. You have a fundamental need for space and sunlight — ignore this need at your peril!

If you’re like most people, you probably spend at least six hours a day in your office, doing your job. If you work in a cramped, dark space, that means that you’re spending six hours a day (at least!) in a cramped, dark space. Prevent this! Choose the largest, brightest space possible. And get out and roam around. Get fresh air and sunlight.

2. Invest in ergonomically efficient, high caliber office products.

Yes, you can temporarily work off of a crummy $30 chair that you get at Office Depot and a poor-man’s version of a flimsy IKEA desk that weighs less in pounds than it costs in dollars. But if you purchase substandard office equipment, you can create a nasty ergonomic situation. Imagine yourself flinching as sciatica pain shoots down your legs, or holding your hands as carpal tunnel like symptoms tingle in your fingers. You don’t need to spend $1,000 on an Aeron chair. But you treat yourself with respect: you’re running a business, so invest in business appropriate furniture and equipment.

3. Plan excursions into the “real world”

A home office can feel like a prison, if you don’t get outside, see friends, socialize, et cetera. Avoid putting your home office in your bedroom. Think about it. If you work for eight hours a day and sleep for eight hours a day, and you have your home office in your bedroom… that means you’re spending 16 hours in a single room!

Schedule time to get out of the home office, get outside, see friends, and take a break. Even if you “don’t have time,” make time. Studies suggest that breaks actually enhance productivity. So if you really want to be as efficient as possible, get out of your office on a regular basis. It’s just like sleeping. Yes, you can cram in more hours of work if you never sleep. But eventually, the lack of sleep will catch up to you and ruin you.

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