Protecting Your Walls:

Homeowners and property owners often only pay attention to the structural components of a building if and when they fail. Unfortunately, many — if not most — problems with structural components like doors, windows, and walls can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of replacement, if you notice them early enough. This essay will briefly explore the science of “wall maintenance” and help you nip potential structural damage in the bud.
Signs that your walls may be damaged or in the process of becoming damaged:

  • Cracks form in the walls that widen over time
  • Walls appear perpetually damp or rotting (a common problem in bathrooms, steam rooms, and other places that experience moisture and condensation)
  • Infestations are apparent (e.g. termites, ants, bugs or worms).

You might be surprised to learn that simple cracks and plaster/paint aberrations are generally not causes for concern, unless they indicate a deeper defect or rotting. These superficial issues can often be remedied with a touch of paint or a decoration, such as a picture to hide the blemish.

You might want to inspect your walls in the following situations:

  • Termite infestation or other infestation. For instance, say you notice a termite infestation underneath the floors in your living room. An exterminator clears out the infestation. But the termites return. They could be hiding in the walls or causing damage to your structure elsewhere.
  • Water damage/rot appears following a storm season or a single catastrophic storm. For instance, say, following a truly torrential downpour that dumps 8 inches on your city, you notice dampness, rotting, peeling, or other indications that your walls may not be totally healthy. It may be time to call in a professional to do an inspection.
  • Structural damage to the house. For instance, say a large tree branch falls on your roof and devastates the tiling. You should obviously replace and repair the roof. But you might also want to inspect the walls near to where the branch landed to scout for structural damage.

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