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How-to Choose The Best Bay Area Contractor For Your Home Kitchen Remodel

Hiring the right East Bay general contractor will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, especially if you’re planning for a major kitchen remodel.

Check out our 10 tips on how you can sift through mediocre contractors and find the best option for your kitchen project.

  1. Online Reviews Aren’t Everything. Contractor’s user ratings should only serve as a rough yardstick and not as an end-all. Some contractors get extra exposure on Angie’s List when they buy ads, while at the Porch website reviews are selected by professionals.
  2. Ask Around. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to finding the right contractor for your East Bay kitchen remodel. Find companies who have outstanding reputation in both the attorney general’s office and the Better Business Bureau. Do some follow-up research on the quality of past projects.
  3. Beware of Lowballing. You might get a lower project cost, but chances are that there’s going to be a compromise in building quality or in kitchen installation somewhere along the way.
  4. Shop Around. Don’t just pick the first contractor you see online or on directory listings. Get a feel for your kitchen project’s going rate by interviewing two to five companies. Find a contractor who’s honest and one that’s easy to talk to.
  5. No Allowances. Opt out of allowances, or unknown costs that could balloon out of proportion during the kitchen renovation.
  6. Put It In Writing. Some of the more important things to put in a contract include associated costs, a target date for completion and a detailed project description.
  7. Applying For Your Own Permits? Don’t. It’s the contractor’s job to acquire the necessary permits to start building your kitchen project. If they start pushing the task to you, then chances are that they have an issue with the local building department.
  8. Check For Paperwork. Some of the most important paperwork include worker’s compensation policies, insurance and updated licenses. Check out to see the paperwork required for your particular Bay Area kitchen remodeling project.
  9. Don’t Pay Cash. Cash shouldn’t be the only option for hiring a contractor on a kitchen remodel. Reputable companies should be able to take a check or a credit card as payment options. Beware of contractors who insist on cash as they could take your money and run.
  10. Payment Schedule Is Acceptable. Most Bay Area contractors will agree on a 30% money down upon material delivery. Let them do the work and only pay for the rest when you’re fully satisfied with the final results.

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