How to Weigh Your Options Before Major Commercial Maintenance Projects

Bay Area Commercial Property Maintenance

Bay Area Commercial HVAC projects are typically planned out far in advance due to their cost and the inconvenience of down time for tenants. Planning a major repair or replacement of commercial air conditioning units requires research and vetting of options. You also need to plan carefully to find appropriate places to save and to avoid being “penny-wise, pound foolish” when taking care of a major building component.

Commercial property maintenance is an ongoing expense that can chip away at investors’ ROI; as a result, many commercial business owners look for ways to save money on equipment and weigh the HVAC efficiency over the long term against the lower upfront cost of a less efficient system or repairing rather than replacing a component. In order to save cost and improve performance commercial owners will want to work with a reputable HVAC professional to:

Identify System Inefficiencies. As buildings age, their energy consumption typically increases because of inefficiencies in old, outdated equipment. Commercial business owners don’t necessarily have to install brand new systems to increase their property’s efficiency. Instead, they might do well by considering retro-commissioning. During this process, HVAC contractors identify areas where the air conditioning system is inefficient and determine cost-effective solutions.

Target Specific Components. Air and water imbalance in the system can lead to serious energy waste. Commercial systems are not always designed to meet optimum dehumidification standards, either. These inefficiencies can create an uncomfortably warm and humid environment, which in turn can lead to increased energy use and risk of mold growth.

Consider a New or Retrocomissioned System. Commercial HVAC systems frequently turn off and on, which is known as short-cycling. Short-cycling can add unnecessary wear and tear on the unit, thereby shortening its usable life. Retrocommissioning explores more efficient options based on building size, power needs, and system scalability.

Dealing with High Energy Costs or an Uncomfortable Indoor Environment?

Let B.A. Morrison help find ways to improve your existing equipment or educate you about the benefits you could see from new equipment installation. We’d love to learn more about your Bay Area building maintenance needs and provide reccomendations to improve or maintain the proper function of your investment. Give us a call at (510) 538-9817 or contact us by email.

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