“Create, Don’t Compromise,” says Bay Area General Contractor

Bay Area General Construction Kitchen Remodel

You’re about to engage in a Bay Area kitchen remodeling project. To make this project a big success, you need to think about movement and flow within the space. What does that mean, from a practical perspective? It means that even if you have your heart set on a specific design feature, you may need to adjust your expectations to accommodate reality. Rather than compromising on your goals, however, consider these curious ways to create your dream kitchen when remodeling:

  • Find a great general contractor. Qualified building contractors can help make some decisions about the space – decisions you probably wouldn’t be able to make effectively on your own, even if you dabble in the DIY arts. They can provide ideas that seamlessly incorporate all of your favorite design features. Don’t give up on a design without first consulting your general contractor for ways to make it work.
  • Work creatively with shapes. Triangles, L-shapes, rounded shapes, and minimalist layouts like “galley” style can afford unique modalities of movement and flow. Consider your home’s overall style and current structure to determine which shape(s) will work best.
  • Evaluate permanent appliances first. Your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink significantly affect the kitchen’s layout (obviously). So you need to make choices. Do you want an island with appliances or a work space? Or do you prefer appliances to fit smoothly along the walls of the kitchen? Consult your building contractor for information about plumbing and electricity, particularly for island installations.

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Every popular kitchen layout has different benefits. Consider how you currently work in a kitchen to find the solution that will match your needs. To schedule a consultation, give the team at B.A. Morrison a call today at (510) 538-9817. We can help you discover, invent or refine your design solutions, even if you’re in a time crunch or on a budget.

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