Preparing Bay Area Heating Systems for Winter

Castro-Valley-HVACAs fall weather begins to creep into Castro Valley, the time has come to perform an annual inspection of your heating systems in preparation for the chilly winter months. Working with a general contractor to ensure everything is clean and operational prevents unpleasant surprises when you need your HVAC system the most.

Keeping a furnace in top condition is less complicated than it seems. Each fall, smart homeowners take proper precautions to avoid performance issues and carbon monoxide poisoning. Homeowners should:

  • Inspect HVAC ventilation systems for leaks and blockages.
  • Measure and analyze the unit’s combustion gases.
  • Check the seal at the blower access door.
  • Examine the burners for correct ignition and flame qualities.
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for corrosion and rust.
  • Detect and repair any damage or corrosion to wiring.
  • Check filters and clean or replace, as necessary.
  • Test gas pressure.
  • Remove and inspect the blower wheel for debris, cleaning as needed.
  • Inspect fresh air intake louvers and grills for blockages.

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Have you made the necessary preparations to keep your furnace working all winter? With the vast majority of Bay Area furnace outages attributable to poor maintenance, investing in a tune-up before cold weather hits is a smart move for busy homeowners. To schedule your annual fall inspection and maintenance appointment and preserve your peace of mind, contact BA Morrison today. Give us a call at 510-538-9817 so that you can rest assured your heating system will be working properly when the cold winter nights arrive.

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