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East Bay Kitchen RemodelingYou want to keep your Bay Area home in top condition and strive to improve its value. If you’ve been blessed with the do-it-yourself gene, you may be tempted to tackle improvements and repairs yourself. But know your limits; after all, a job done poorly or improperly can wind up causing damage that will cost a lot to fix. Also, there’s a value to your time that you want to respect.

When you’re facing a task that’s beyond your capabilities — or you have a to-do list that just keeps getting longer — hire a skilled handyman or an experienced general contractor.

How can you tell whether to choose a handyman or contractor? It’s actually pretty easy. In general, a skilled handyman can handle many smaller jobs and simple repairs around your home and property. When it’s time for more major repairs or upgrades, including remodeling jobs or changes to your home’s infrastructure or systems, hire a licensed contractor instead.

Hire a building contractor for:
• Bathroom or kitchen remodeling
• Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and installation
• Electrical and plumbing repairs and installation
• Room additions
• Roof repairs or replacements

Hire a handyman for:
• Some minor plumbing upgrades, like adding a new faucet or garbage disposal
• Painting, exterior and interior
• Minor construction repairs and installation, such as: fixing a broken porch railing; repairing holes in drywall; hanging a new door; replacing or adding molding or trimwork; and installing stock cabinets

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