Whether you’re struggling to sell a condo or home in San Francisco, and you want to remodel to make your place more appealing; or you’ve got a-million-and-one “fixer-upper” tasks on your plate, and you’re searching for the most lucrative/aesthetically important stuff to work on, here is a useful list of home value boosting ideas:

#1: Install energy-saving fans and air conditioners.

Installing high-quality fans and AC equipment should be pretty simple, even if you have a large house to keep cool and keep at a comfortable temperature/humidity level. You build value in two ways. #1, you will hopefully reduce your monthly energy budget by something substantial. #2, the technology upgrade will increase the overall appeal of your home.

#2: Install bigger, brighter, better, more beautiful windows and skylights.

Who doesn’t love space and the beauty of the outdoors? Adding more windows – when done appropriately and effectively – means bringing in more daylight, more connection with the outside world, and more energy efficiency. Adding windows can make a room feel larger. Remember: emotion is a critical component of the alchemy that sets buyers’ desires on fire.

#3: Kitchen and bath remodeling – go for it!

Some experts believe that even simple and basic updates to your kitchen and bath areas can generate an 85% return – or more. If you only have a few thousand dollars to invest into your remodeling efforts – to extract the maximum value – the kitchen/bath area is a “no brainer” area to invest in. Beware, though: it’s easy to let a seemingly simple kitchen remodeling project spiral crazily out of control. Budget bloating, delays, and other annoyances can hound you.

No matter how you just choose to add value to your home, you might find it extremely useful to consult with the credentialed, diverse, and experienced experts at B.A. Morrison. Our contractors have the capabilities and know-how to keep your projects in control, on time, on spec and done to order. Find out more about how we work at www.bamorrison.com, or call us now at 510-538-9817 for a consultation.

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