Best Air Conditioners for Bay Area Homeowners

castro valley air conditioningAs the Bay Area summer heats up, you’re hoping to deal proactively with your air conditioning and/or HVAC issues so that you (and your family or colleagues) don’t wind up sweltering too much this summer.

In today’s post, we reviewed the top five central air-conditioning units of 2014, giving you a brief explanation of why each are a great choice. Whether you’re doing property maintenance on a series of Bay Area condos or just looking to slash home energy costs, these dynamic A/Cs can help. Before we dive in, let’s briefly review some critical A/C basics. You want to look for at least these three things when looking at new air conditioners:

1. Energy use

A truly “monster” A/C unit might be able to cool you down rapidly, but it might also waste tons of energy in the process. In general, the more expensive/highly-tuned models are better at being energy efficient, so it’s cheaper to run these units in the long run.

2. Design

If you’re outfitting a fancy corporate office or overhauling your living room, you need to be choosy about your A/C design. But if you’re installing a unit that “no one will see,” aesthetics shouldn’t be a factor. That said, you still want to ensure ease of use.

3. Maintenance

What filtration system does the A/C use, and how often will you need to replace the filters? What typical problems do customers face? Identify processes to keep your equipment functioning and your air cool and clean.

Now, onto the reviews…

Coleman Echelon Series with Touch Screen

This easily servable, very quiet unit contains a technology known as WhisperDrive (TM). It is known for simple troubleshooting and set up as well as awesome energy efficiency. The Coleman Echelon achieves up to 18 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

Broan FS4BI Series with IQ Drive Control

The IQ is a real workhorse; it comes in 2, 3, and 4 ton capacities. If you need rapid cooling, the IQ can pump out an extra 18% of cooling in a pinch, and it offers features a variable speed compressor as well as diverse indoor and outdoor motors.

Carrier 25VNA Infinity Series with Infinity Touch Control

Rating at 20.5 SEER, this unit boasts an extremely effective heat pump that has an HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) that goes all the way up to 13. When the outdoor temperature plummets, the unit does not need to rely much on auxiliary heat.

Rheem RRL Series with Comfort Control System

This ecofriendly system gets just 16 SEER but uses R-410A refrigerant, which is very eco-friendly. It uses a powerful dehumidification processes, a two stage gas heater and an adjustable ECM motor.

York Affinity Series with Touch Screen Communicating Control

This 18 SEER unit features QuietDrive (TM), and it’s known for its easy troubleshooting, energy efficiency, simple serviceability and sleek aesthetics.

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