Incorporate these 4 Different Energy Saving Tips this Winter

Happy Family during the Colder Months

Thanks to the simple and non-negotiable reality of thermodynamics, as the weather turns cooler, energy bills often increase. Even though San Francisco and surrounding areas generally make it through the winter months without seeing too many dips into the 20s and 30s, the cold and wind absorb a lot of heat and create challenges for cost conscious homeowners and landlords. To save money on your Bay Area heating bills this year, follow the tips below.

1. Reduce the temperature on the thermostat.
Lowering the heat only a single degree below 70 can save you as much as 5 percent in heating expenses. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees and put on warm clothing to keep yourself comfortable.

2. Fix leaks.
If you have leaks or gaps near doors, windows, pipes or in other locations, fill them in to trap warm air inside your house and lighten the workload for your furnace. If you don’t have time to fix leaks yourself, contact an East Bay general contractor.

3. Reduce the temperature of hot water.
If your water heater is currently set on a temperature higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, consider turning it down to conserve energy in the fall and winter.

4. Make sure your furnace is working properly.
Keep your furnace functioning effectively throughout the winter months by changing furnace filters as recommended and performing regular maintenance. For assistance, contact an HVAC or building contractor.

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Small energy savings, when multiplied over months or years, can add up to substantial relief.  This is particularly true for homeowners who maintain large, sprawling or exposed properties or who are generally stretched thin financially. Call our experienced Bay Area HVAC pros today at (510) 538-9817 to explore useful solutions to your fall and winter heating needs.

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